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BTM is proud to announce the production of the Turnkey FIA Cheetah series. These Bill Thomas Tribute Cheetahs are the Finest Cheetah built today in the World market.

We offer the 1964 Model series 327 FIA Cheetah: Rochester Fuel Injection 360HP 4 speed Muncie 3.55 IRS Rear gears, stock body. We can add Fuel cell, Dual air meter, L&R side tanks, Even a 377 inch engine. These special FIA Cheetahs have all upgrades as did the Genuine Cheetahs in 1964/65.

Our Most incredible 1965 396/427 FIA Cheetah is now available: Chevrolet 396/427 600HP Muncie 4 speed 3.55 IRS rear gears, Wide body rear flares 10" rear wheels, We can add L88 spec engine, Fuel cell, L&R side tanks.

We here at BTM are Blessed to be able to enjoy restoring and restoration work on so many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs:

  • #001 1963 327 360HP Fuel Injected GM Alloy Test car
  • #003 1964 377 Alloy Grand Sport Drive train - Alan Green Chevrolet Yellow Daytona Race car
  • #006 1964 Clarence Dixon Cadillac Silver 427 L88 Race car
  • #007 1964 327 360HP Fuel Injected Alan Green Chevrolet Green Street car-Drag car
  • #013 1964 327 340HP PSA Red Promo car/ Allstate Promo car/ Sept 65 Fire car
  • #001 1965 Alloy Proto-Type 427 Lemans Super Cheetah 1 of 1

We currently have 5 of the 11 Genuine Cheetahs in our shop, There are only 11 Genuine Cheetahs known in the USA Today with 4 over Seas.

2007 Bill Thomas and Bob Bondurant Reunion